Marketing plan outline for writers

You can find the basic Marketing Plan for writers to the right of this blog post. Sign in and receive access.

As I’ve worked on The Wicked Wolves of Windsor this year, I’ve been formalizing my marketing plan. Something I didn’t do for Dragon Shadows (by Rebecca Dante).

It will be interesting to see how my plan of attack works. For example, how much more of a boost Wicked Wolves gets than Dragon Shadows.

A lot of advertising and marketing is simply educated guesswork. As you work through the plan you discover what provided the results you wanted for the amount of effort you put into it.

Lots of effort = little results means you need to change tactics on where you are spending your time.

OTOH, it is the rare occurrence where you put in little and get a lot back. So please don’t be like the guy at the writer’s conference that kept asking the traditional publishers what the MAGIC SECRET was to getting their book noticed!

There are also some things I learned this time around that I didn’t know before. Such as a special word description “code” so libraries and bookstores will consider your book; some different ideas on how to approach the editing process to find typos (which are free!); and developing the Elevator Pitch.

I wanted to share it with other authors and writers so you can find it on the right of this blog post (if on a mobile look at the drop down menu for “enhanced content”). A sign up gives access to a pdf form.

I will be posting other information pdfs in the near future and those will only be available to those on the newsletter list.

Also, I’m offering on a LIMITED BASIS, 1 FREE hour to discuss with me via Skype your book or WIP. This will be a Content Edit discussion not a proofreading session.

The people who will benefit the most from this are those who are finding themselves stuck with characters or plot, books that are published but need to be re-worked because readers have expressed disinterest or confusion; and authors who know they are not “quite there yet.”

I’ll be posting more about this at a later date.

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