Book promotion for Wicked Wolves

Book Cover reveal will be Wednesday, May 15th! Ebook publishes on May 17th!

I’m approaching the home stretch on The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales.

The book itself is finished and has gone through a rigorous round of editing (by myself and others), as well as read aloud at a writer’s critique group, AND was worked over by a professional editor. I will write more later about the process you should expect your book to go through before publishing.

The cover is nearing completion and it is probably what has worried me the most. This is the first time I’ve worked with an illustrator versus a Photoshopped cover and it has been more nerve wracking than I would have wanted.

Because I conceived the project in February there was a tight turnaround for the cover. In the future, I would like to give myself and my artist about six months to complete it.

Book Cover reveal will be Wednesday, May 15th!

My ebook launch date is expected to be on Friday, May 17th. Why I write “expected” is when dealing with Amazon, you submit your book and it must be approved before becoming live. So I have a few days cushion I’ve put in for that to occur and I do think that on May 17th it should show up on their website.

There will be a paperback and hardcover edition of Wicked Wolves. I expect this will be ready in June however, again, authors have to go through a process at Amazon and this may take longer than I expect.

I also plan an audio version of Wicked Wolves but this is completely new to me how the process works. So I will keep you updated via the blog on the timeline as I know it.

Now to the good stuff! If you are a member of the newsletter list you will receive a FREE copy of the ebook version of the Wicked Wolves. The price of the book on launch day will be 99 cents but in 24 hours it goes up to $3.99.

Lots of excitement around here!

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