What is a king and a kingdom to do when the heir apparent is a bratty prince?

“Yet, I’m the answer to your problem,” said Vivian as she settled herself comfortably in the leather armchair.

“Indeed?” The king raised skeptical eyebrows but gestured with a long fingered hand for her to continue. She was the only applicant to have responded.

“If you give me three days, I will teach him three lessons that will make him a better prince, a better man, and a better son.”

“Now, Your Majesty, the three lessons he will learn is: the value of a hard day’s work, humility for his station in life, and empathy for his fellow man.”

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales
Byrd Nash

Probably one of the most fun fairytales to write was The Prince Learns a Lesson. The setting is modern – though as typical with fairytales – magic is commonplace and unexplained. Our resourceful heroine is a person of color – something I think we need more representation in our fantasy.

The story had a mind of its own though and decided to give a twist in the middle that made me go, “oh, I see why the tale had to go this direction….”

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Byrd Nash, fantasy author uses mythology, legends, folklore, and fairy tales to create stories about strong female characters.
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