This isn’t little red riding hood with a basket of goodies tripping through the woods…

“I’m not going to eat you,” said the wolf as he kept pace with the bicycle and its rider. “I only want to talk.”

The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other Fairytales
Byrd Nash
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Doireann peddled faster and kept her eyes resolutely ahead. She pretended not to see the beast’s red eyes and the tongue as large as her hand, gaping from a mouth full of jagged teeth. He was not a natural beast: wolves were certainly not a common occurrence in England this late summer of 1918.

“Stay on the path and you’ll be safe,” Granny Horn had told her when she complained. “That’s the rule.”

The tale of the Wicked Wolves of Windsor is one of short stories in my upcoming book The Wicked Wolves of Windsor and other fairytales. Each tale is different – different place in time with a different heroine facing a challenge that will require all her wits to overcome.

All of these tales feature common fairytale motifs but you’ll find their roots are from the original tales – where dangers were real before they were watered down by Disney.

But there is a modern aspect to these stories: not all girls want a prince or a king. Not all girls play nice or fair. Not all girls have to swing a sword to be a badass. They use their brains and their abilities.

Some of the tales will make you smile. Others gasp.

And if I really did my job as an author, maybe put a mistiness in your eyes.

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Byrd Nash, fantasy author uses mythology, legends, folklore, and fairy tales to create stories about strong female characters.

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