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Because I prefer to use my computer to design stuff – especially a book trailer video – it can be a major hassle to publish something across your favorite social media platforms without pulling your hair out.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Youtube all have different sized formats they prefer. Every platform seems to need a different aspect ratio, but video editing software only understands standard movie sizes.
So on my quest to try to be more efficient and NOT pull out my hair, I checked out Kapwing today to see what this online service could do.
Kapwing is all about social media, memes, and online posting.  This service is SLICK – in three clicks it cropped and formatted perfectly my Instagram story! Mind blown! Okay, let’s see what you can do for Facebook – bing! Youtube – bing!
Kapwing makes it easy because of they have preset dimensions. Just click on the format you need (Instagram, Instagram Story, Youtube, FB, etc) and choose crop or no crop, and you immediately see the video preview live. Adjust the zoom or pan if you need to. Click Create and you have your MP4!
You can use this for free to make as many videos as you like, as well as all their other interesting tools for meme generation, subtitling, video trimming, looping, and reversing, and lots of other cool things.
They do add a small “Kapwing” watermark in the corner, but you can pay a small fee to have it removed: $20/month unlimited subscription, or $6 per video if you only need it occasionally.  The subscription fee covers their entire suite of products. They also offer it free to teachers and students.
So how did I make this 15 second Book Trailer video?
  • The slideshow with titling was done with Magix Photostory Deluxe software using photos. I’ve also used their Magix Movie Editor (go that way if you are building with video). BTW if you do decide to buy Photostory it takes a LONG TIME to download – so link your computer directly into your Internet router and get it FAST.
  • The animated unicorn is combined from 2 photos originally from istockphoto which Urso at put into a movie animated format for me. This will be footage I can use again and again for many book trailers so was worth the investment.
  • Photos are from I use their annual Essentials plan (25 downloads per month).

Instagram square for posting on my feed:  

Instagram portrait for posting in my stories:

Facebook does a landscape and portrait size:

Byrd Nash, fantasy author uses mythology, legends, folklore, and fairy tales to create stories about strong female characters.

PS. I now use Cyberlink Power Director but Kapwing is a good choice for quick video conversions across your social media.

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